Third Wave Coffee

Client: Third Wave Coffee
Identity refresh, brand research and website design for a cafe and coffee roastery nationwide chain.

Logo Recrafting

With future growth ambitions in order, there was an opportunity for the brand to refresh the logo and standardise certain aspects of the identity which included the product architecture, visual system, type and colour usage. As the symbol had built visual equity in customers' minds and there was a sense of attachment the founders had with the cup, the redrawn logo was more of an evolution rather than a marked departure. The intent behind the exercise was to re-craft the form and combine it with a modern, sophisticated and friendly typeface that would together reflect a brand that is mature and confident.

Brand Research & Guideline

For TWC we undertook a detailed audit of the brand’s assets and its shareholders - from the founders and staff to customers across several Bangalore outlets. Distilling their inputs while also conducting visual research of all customer touch points (website, packaging, signage, interiors) gave us the opportunity to clarify the brand’s visual language and also distill its personality and positioning. This research was translated into a comprehensive brand manual for TWC that encapsulates how TWC defines itself and how it would like to communicate with its growing customer base.


The founders wanted a design overhaul of the website so it may better reflect their brand values of being community centric, inclusive (of all tastes) and driven by product innovation. The new website takes the user on a journey beyond just an e-commerce experience and makes the world of coffee less mystifying and more accessible.

deliverableS :

brand research & audit
brand guideline

tonic collaborations :

Third Wave Coffee (TWC) is a brand with a focus on both casual samplers of coffee as well as connoisseurs. TWC’s retail products and in particular their cafe experiences are a signature feature of the brand’s popularity across cities in India.
Getting to know the brand from the inside-out gave us the opportunity to study a uniquely home-grown brand while also being able to provide a comprehensive brand guideline that would align with its future ambitions.
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