Right From the Start

Client: Mandira Kumar - Rupa Publications
Publication design and illustrations for Right from the Start, a book on child development for parents and caregivers.

Visual language

Simple, structured layouts and engaging illustrations helped to create an impactful reading experience for all care-givers. The design and production process also had to take into account a limited production budget. Using photographs generously provided by friends and acquaintances, and a 2-colour palette (blue and black) helped reduce both the production and offset printing costs.

For the book’s illustrations, a simple line-based style with a hand drawn feel was employed. The blue was used minimally as a means to provide striking highlights where necessary. These illustrations were used across the book to explain and highlight specific scenarios - ranging from timelines to track stages of child development, various children’s activities and toys that complement different stages of the development process.

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Right from the Start is a book helmed by Mandira Kumar, the founder-director of Sutradhar, an early childhood resource centre in Bangalore. This book was a culmination of her experiences working with various child-related organisations over the last 30+ years.
The book focuses on child development in the first four years, and builds on the idea that an enriched environment in the early years has positive and far-reaching consequences. A key responsibility of the design was to present this in-depth and comprehensive content to readers in a manner that was approachable and accessible.
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