Museum of Solutions

Client: Museum of Solutions (JSW)
Visual narratives and print collateral for the Museum of Solutions (MoS), a space dedicated to inspiring and empowering children.

Visual language

The visual system used bold, chunky typography in combination with a fun and vibrant colour palette. Secondary visual elements or ‘confetti’ as the in-house team called them, were derived from geometric shapes. The illustrations have a sketchbook-like appeal as they rely on a style using simple lines and realistic forms. All contributing to a design direction that is cheerful and lively, mirroring the intent of the space and its values.


Phase 1 involved creating illustrations to visually represent the key methodologies by which experiences at the museum would be designed which are shown below. The intent behind this exercise was to visually distil the purpose of ‘themes’ that the content structure of the museum was built on.

Publications & Print Kits

Phase 2 involved designing a ‘kit’ which could be used as a tool to elaborate on the museum’s narrative and purpose. This was used to both ensure clarity of message for the in-house MoS team and also as a way to introduce the museum to potential investors.

The kit consisted of booklets and cards to explain the driving mission and values for the space. Postcards were also included as a token that could be given away to members at a meeting. The most important collateral though were a couple of booklets showcasing the different exhibits and experiences to be designed for visitors. Narratives were developed by way of two hypothetical user profiles - a girl and boy, from different age groups and socio-economic backgrounds. The former, who might visit the museum with her schoolmates and the latter visiting with his family.

deliverableS :

print & publication

tonic collaborations :

The MoS ethos is based on the notion of enabling children to be led by their own curiosities and interests to interact with topics related to their specific contexts and the broader world. Different themes are introduced to them through various digital and analog exhibits, activities and take-home programs.
Capturing this free-natured, lively spirit while developing communication that could appeal to a target audience of both children as well adults was an exercise in visual balance. Communicating a sense of vibrance, while also showcasing the various experience touchpoints in a clear and straightforward manner.
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