Client: Himatsingka Seide Ltd
Identity and packaging design for Himêya, a home linen brand.

Identity & Packaging

The identity and packaging was developed with the above ethos in mind. The Himêya logotype is simple, minimal & modern with a neutral palette. The packaging has a simplified foil-stamped line drawing of a cotton flower set against recycled paper. The idea was to focus on the product–the finest bed linen and towels that are made from ethically sourced cotton & consciously crafted.


The Himêya website was designed to be more than just an online shopping site–since Himeya is about mindsets, and not just products. Today’s consumers are well-informed, discerning and want to know how their products are made, where they come from, and what they stand for. These are addressed in the website by taking the customer through Himeya’s provenance, its ethical sourcing of cotton and conscious manufacturing processes. The Himeya Journal (blog) is a space that focuses on the brands philosophy of self-care, restorative experiences and helps debunking myths like the thread count debate among others.


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Himêya, is an offering from the Himatsingka Group, a textile leader with a presence across Asia, Europe and North America. The brand name is derived from the ‘Him’ of Himatsingka and the Sanskrit word ‘Ameya’, meaning boundless & pure.
Himêya was envisaged to be a lifestyle brand dedicated to rest. It seeks to refocus attention on things that impact well-being—a restful night, soothing space, and an invigorating bath. The core philosophy is that resting better, helps one to live better and be better at everything one does.
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