Happy Healthy Me

Client: Happy Healthy Me
Packaging system design and illustrations for a stand-alone organic food brand and grocery store in Bangalore.

Packaging System

Incorporating all structural and system constraints, we worked on designing a label system and visual direction that used typography as the primary method of conveying the different levels of information each pack required.

The label information system also needed to function regardless of size, material, type of pack (glass bottles, paper pouches, plastic bags etc.), amount of content while also being future-proof for the brand. This was a task which also involved several rounds of testing and tweaking with the founders to arrive at the final direction.

Illustration Style

We also created a visual catalogue so each individual HHM pack could feature a unique hand-painted (by Tonic) watercolour illustration. These varied from representing the product in its natural form or a more abstract representation of it. This combination of watercolour paintings with clean typography and neutral backgrounds, created a brand visual language that was elegant, fresh and light.

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Happy Healthy Me (HHM) is an online store selling locally sourced organic products in a wide range of categories, from food and beverages to home and personal care. For the founders of the company Namu and Misha, their passion to promote organic food stemmed from their belief that it was good for the environment and the immune system, but most importantly, that it was delicious.
A key challenge we had to resolve was the requirement of a label system that could work for over 300 products across various mass and premium categories. A packaging graphic system, such as the one that this brand needed, had to balance flexibility and adaptability while also maintaining visual consistency.
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