Client: Clean Energy Access Network
Logo and visual language definition for Clean, a non-profit organisation that supports clean energy enterprises in India.


The idea behind the logo came from the phrase, ‘network of communities’, which was a key aspect of the organisation’s principles. We overlaid the traditional definition of a network with our own - a network is a metaphor for a community, for a system built on relationships. It is a “whole” built by the “sum of its parts” (a twist on a popular Aristotle quote).

Each quadrant of the logo can be looked on as a node in the network or a depiction of the different functions of the organisation. The vibrant colours are meant to represent these varied functions but also communicate the overall spirit of Clean. The formal and mature typeface balances the dynamic nature of the form and provides an “anchor” to the overall unit.

Visual language

The keywords we kept in mind while designing the visual language were - warmth, energy, links, and relationships. The brand tagline of Create, Connect, Collaborate also helped to provide a framework for the visual system. Apart from the logo, another key facet of the language was the graphic device, which was a shape derived from a quadrant of the logo. This graphic device allowed for the system to have flexibility and range as it could be used as a frame to house visuals or text, connect different parts of a layout or be employed as a way to break visual monotony.  

The execution of the visual language was demonstrated on indicative applications such as a mobile website, stationery and uniforms.

deliverableS :

visual identity

tonic collaborations :

Clean is an organisation that believes in change that can be brought in everyday lives through decentralised renewable energy. Their primary focus is on rural and underprivileged communities where reliable, affordable and clean energy plays a unique role in accelerating social, environmental and economic development.
Distilling this brand ethos was the central focus of the design process. Evoking a sense of community while also portraying a modern, vibrant organisation with world wide growth ambitions.
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