Byg Brewski Brewing Company

Client: Byg Ventures Pvt Ltd
Identity & environmental design for Byg Brewski Brewing Company, one of Asia’s largest brewpubs.


Byg Brewski derives its name from Byygvir, a Norse deity of beer and mead. The subtext behind the logo was the persona assigned to Byggvir - someone with a godlike stature and stately character. This is reflected in the dignified nature of the logo design and in the letterforms that were inspired by early wood cut prints. Finally, the deep blue colour accentuates this style and gives the unit a refined, premium look.

Visual language

The 65,000 sq feet Bangalore brewery provided ample canvases to visually highlight the brand story. This required working with varied materials and mediums. The wayfinding utilised metal as the primary medium with visuals that were extrapolated from the style of the logo. Metal was also used to create unique “grill artworks” that celebrated beer. This concept was also translated into print posters that featured the various signature beers of Byg Brewski. The exposed brick of the space was also a canvas - to create an infographic illustration to showcase the beer making process. These served as visual focal points in the space and were also popular with customers on social media.

deliverableS :

print collateral
environment graphics

tonic collaborations :

The Byg Brewski Brewing Company is the flagship brand of Byg Ventures, a company dedicated to crafting unique dining experiences across Bangalore.
The primary factor driving the visual communication process was a beer-centric narrative. The challenge was to design an identity system that could echo the brand’s premium nature and a sense of gravitas in keeping with the elegant brick and mortar architecture of the brew-pub.
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