Bob's Bar

Client: Byg Ventures Pvt Ltd
Identity & environmental design for Bob’s Bar - a chain of bars with an ‘old Bangalore’ vibe synonymous with easy living and laid back attitudes.


The word ‘Bob’ comes from an old-school (Anglo) Bangalore colloquialism, used to refer to a buddy or mate. The Bob’s logotype in turn, was inspired by retro typography seen commonly on VHS tape covers - letters that are chunky, simplistic and geometric.

Visual language

A key aspect of the brand language was to create visuals that could be varied in origin (song, film, game etc.) while being unified by Bob’s visual style. This was especially critical since Bob’s is designed to be a chain of bars, and we had to ensure that its concepts and components would be versatile enough to be reinterpreted in other locations across the city.

Visual language - characters

To expand on the idea that Bob is ‘every-person’, we developed a series of characters defined by certain quintessential Bangalore personas. These personas were reimagined in their very own pooch avatars such as the pugnacious bulldog who loves to ride his Jawa, the trippy husky who loves to rock out and the mutt who is completely in love with her Old Monk. These characters appear in the physical spaces (walls, metal grills) of the bars, print collateral and digital interfaces.

Visual language - space

In spirit, the space draws inspiration from iconic cafes, bars and clubs of the city. Using a minimal colour palette and a playful illustration style, we designed posters and murals for the space using audio cassettes, comic books, video games, iconic movies and song lyrics as our inspiration.

deliverableS :

print & packaging
environment graphics
app ui

tonic collaborations :

Bangalore is in many ways a city unique to India. A culture epitomised by the character of its bars and clubs - comfortable, easy, warm and quirky. The Bob’s brand focussed on recapturing the spirit of the city in a way that would make it accessible to those who were unfamiliar with it.
Trying to ‘bottle’ the spirit of a city was a unique challenge. Evoking a sense of nostalgia for customers familiar with the city’s past while also reintroducing the city to the unfamiliar became the perspective that we based the visual system on.
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