Client: Himatsingka Seide Ltd
Campaign logos, advertising campaigns and website design for Atmosphere–a luxury home textile brand.

Visual language

In 2015, Akanksha Himatsingka, (then MD of Atmosphere) had a vision, to take the brand beyond just a luxury furnishings company. To mark its 10th anniversary in 2015, Atmosphere launched a unique platform called The Atmosphere Collaborative. As part of this initiative, Atmosphere invites designers to create spaces in their signature style, using products from their new collection. This was an opportunity to elevate Atmosphere–to innovate and invigorate.

Identity & Advertisements

The identity and advertising campaign for Atmosphere Collections for 2015, 2016, 2017 were based on the theme for that particular year, and involved working with a team of photographers, stylists and the Atmosphere design team to realise the vision of Akanksha Himatsingka, (then MD of Atmosphere). 

The roll-out included:

> Print advertising in leading newspapers like TOI and magazines like Architectural Digest, Casa Vogue, Elle Decor. 

> Creating invites and fabric books for Trade and MBO’s

> Incorporating the campaign on the website and MBO stores

E-commerce Website

The Atmosphere e-commerce site was in dire need of a revamp. It not only needed an update in terms of look (to make it modern and premium) but also to reflect current consumer needs–by making it more user-friendly and also to offer value-add services online like the ‘Do you Need Help Styling Your Home’ feature. The new website would also become a repository that documents all the innovative collaborations that Atmosphere makes with leading designers, architects, photographers, stylists etc.

Identity for Events

Limited Edison is a range of bespoke tube lights fusing a collection of Atmosphere fabrics with materials such as brass, resin and marble designed in collaboration with Rooshad Shroff, a leading architect & designer. The identity and look for this collection reflects the product that emerged out of the collaboration (the tubular light fixtures). The collateral such as tags and product booklet, were all based on the minimal aesthetic of the product, using very simple line drawings to illustrate the various products available.

deliverableS :

campaign identity
advertising collateral

tonic collaborations :

Atmosphere is a global luxury home textile brand that offers a collection of Luxury Drapery, Upholstery, Bed Linen and Accessories.
Its parent company Himatsingka Seide Ltd. established in 1985, is India’s largest silk exporter for 30 years and produces textiles for some of the world’s best luxury brands such as JAB, Dedar, Zimmer & Rohde, Osborne & Little amongst others, and Atmosphere.
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